OPEN-KTH: An open Lidar dataset of KTH campus Valhallavägen

Data available at the following locations:

Sensors used:

  • Velodyne VLP-16 Lidar

  • Xsens MTi-700 IMU

Data formats:

  • Sensor readings in the form of rosbags. Learn more here: rosbags.

  • A full (processed) map of KTH in th e PCD and LAS formats.

Learn more about the formats here: PCD format, LAS format.

Open-KTH is a subproject of the AD-EYE testbed for Automated Driving and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

The AD-EYE testbed is based on the description presented in the work :

Naveen Mohan, Martin Törngren, "AD-EYE: A practical simulation toolchain for the early verification of Functional Safety Concepts.", SAE Technical Paper 19AE-0203/2019-01-0126,

Preprint available at:


  • Students the group "AD-EYE on Road" in the capstone course of the Mechatronics Masters program, collected the data using the AD-EYE platform.

  • Maxime Sainte Catherine from the AD-EYE team mapped the data, and generated the visualizations seen on this page.

Partly funded by:

And using resources from the following parts of KTH:

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