Useful Links

Public links:

YouTube Channel

The AD-EYE YouTube Channel can be found here.

Mechatronics & ECS

The AD-EYE simulation platform is developed primarily by researchers and students from the Mechatronics division at KTH.  Please visit the division homepage for more details and other projects, here.

AD-EYE open Data

All released open source data, code and information may be found here:

See also: OPEN-KTH 

See also: OPEN-KTH-3dMODELS 

AD-EYE Core Code
The core code may be found here:

Links to funding projects and collaborating organizations can be found here: Home    

Links for collaborators

AD-EYE WIKI (Collaborator access only)

The wiki page for the AD-EYE code can be found here.

AD-EYE Resource booking page. (Collaborator access only)

The resource booking page can be found on clustermarket, here.

AD-EYE code (Collaborator access only)

The current version of the code can be currently found for at the KTH Github page: here

Access to the code is restricted to collaborators only for the time being. The code will be released as open-source in the near future.